Below you will find links to resources related to topics in the Olathe: The City Beautiful film series.  These resources were selected with teachers in mind to help extend learning opportunities when viewing the videos in class.  For document analysis worksheets and information on how to use primary sources in the classroom, visit the National Archives.

A Foundation to Build Upon - JC Nichols

The Grange - an article on the history of the Grange

Bliss on a Stick - the story of the Grange Pup

Gabfest and Grange Pups - the story of Old Settlers

Outside the First Grange Store - a photograph of the Grange Store in Olathe @ 1890

Gift for the Grangers - a @ 1873 poster honoring the Grangers

I've Filled My Bill - William Quantrill

For an interesting read about Quantrill's raid on many of the small towns along the Kansas border, check out Ed Blair's 1915 History of Johnson County.

The Lynching of Bert Dudley

The lynching of Bert Dudley made the newspaper across the United States. The Chronicling America website from the Library of Congress allows a search of a variety of papers published between 1836-1922.  Do a search for Bert Dudley, then compare and contrast the details included and left out in each of these articles and analyze how that affects the impact of the story.

Renaissance Man - a collection of resources about early radio history and Marshall Ensor.

Flying Jayhawks - a collection of resources about the Olathe Naval Air Station

There Shall Come a Day - resources about civil rights in Olathe and Kansas

A Place Called Home - resources about the Mahaffies, Territorial Kansas, and settling Olathe

Out of the Mud - resources about George Hodges and the Progressive movement in Kansas

We Belongresources about Black Bob and the Shawnee in Olathe and Johnson County

The Bricklayer - resources about the story of the building of Kansas City road and transportation in the 1920s

Broken Silenceresources about the Kansas School for the Deaf

Saving Our Stories - transcripts of oral history interviews conducted between 2005-2008 by Distinguished Scholars from Olathe North high school.  Funded by a Johnson County Heritage Trust Fund grant.