Saving Our Stories

Saving Our Stories was an oral history program conducted by students in the Olathe North Distinguished Scholars program between 2005-2008.  Transcription of those interviews is in progress and new transcriptions will be added as they are completed.  Each interview includes a list of major topics included within the interview.  When all transcripts are completed, an index for all interviews will be provided.  Please note: the transcriptions may include misspellings and other errors, especially of names with which the transcriber may not have been familiar. Any suggestions for corrections are appreciated and can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Funding for Saving Our Stories was provided by a Johnson County Heritage Trust Fund grant.

Arbie Glover     Bill Kramer     Bob Courtney     Cliff Ball    Don Ashlock   Darrel McDaniel    Dennis Moore

Forrest Miles     George Joseph Pierron     Harley & Geraldine Haskin     Jack Klee    JoAnn Radcliffe    

Kenneth Love     Marvin Allen   Mary Cochran   Mattie Henson     Nan Bohl     Robert Hughes     Robert R. Manning

Lee Shriver     "Doc"Wollen     Irish Lubberts